After writing my masters thesis on the use of options as a hedge in investment portfolios, I went to work as an investment analyst for Ford Motor Corporation in Dearborn, Michigan, where I was the sole investment analyst on a Billion dollar plus product portfolio. I went back to law school, and received an advanced degree in tax law before opening my own tax and estate law practice and serving as a wealth advisor to many of my higher net worth clients. I was shocked at how my client's previous advisors had managed down my client's expectations of what should be an acceptable rate of return on their investments, and how many of my client's previous advisors had done nothing to protect their clients from market downturns and  tax-rate increases in retirement. Most of my client's portfolios were completely exposed to market and tax-rate risk, and had no tax-free alternatives in their portfolio.  

"Most People Aren't Rich Because They Listen to Salespeople, Not Rich People!"

 Robert Kiyosaki

No where was this more evident to me than when I was practicing tax and estate law. Many clients were referred to me by  their financial advisors. I couldn't believe how many successful business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals were settling for mediocre financial returns and horrible tax advice simply because most of them believed they didn't have the time or knowledge to manage their own investments and retirement accounts.  Based on my own education and experience in investment management, and my own investment returns, I was able to retire early from my practice. However, so many clients and friends that I had personally advised over  the years, kept asking me to help them with their investments, that I decided to write the book Tax-Free Millionaires, where I demonstrated in real dollars the exact danger many investors are facing today by placing all of their wealth in tax-deferred retirement accounts that are completely exposed to downturns in the market. So many of my readers begged for more information that I decided to develop a series of courses that walks investors through the exact steps they can take to achieve above average tax-free rates of return on a consistent basis. I found that even many of my wealthiest clients didn't believe they had the time or expertise to manage their own portfolios successfully. This is why I developed these easy to follow, step-by-step courses that are so easy to follow and understand that even the busiest person can learn how to skyrocket their investment returns and protect their investments from taxes in less than two hours a week. After reading my book and taking my courses, students are telling me that not only are they getting higher rates of returns, but they have become so confident that they are managing money for their own families as well. I teach financial independence and independence from taxes and I do it in a hands-on-risk-free simulated environment, where learning is not only lucrative but fun.   


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